The turfrollers are equipped with round angles and available in different widths and roll diameters. The most common working width is 2.75 m with roll diameter of 1.22 m.  The rollers are made in a 2-piece version, free rolling on an extended axle.

As a trailed version with a heavy hitch or in the 3-point hitch with quick pick-up system with loose lift tongue. (not available on the 1.22 m)
Al models water filling. the model of 2.75 m with Ø 1.22 m has a filled weight of approx. 5000 kg

Option: hydraulic wheel-set with tires 10.0/75 x 15.3 / scraper ( standard on 1.22m roller) lights (obliged at wheel-set) / braked axle on behalf of wheel-set, brakes 300 x60, tires 500/50×17