The Eco Clipper built from experience. The base of the mowing system is a 106cm wide mowing module with 3 rotary blades.The deck modules can be linked together in a larger, but flexible contour following mowing deck. Possible combinations are: 2 modules for 207cm cutting width, 4 modules for 411cm cutting width or 6 modules for 615cm cutting width.
The decks can be attached to two types of frame. A front mower can consist of a single deck consisting out of 2 till 6 modules. A towed mower can be of 8 till 12 modules wide built out until a working width up to 12m of 2 or 3 separate decks. The front mower folds in for transport till 2,4m width and the towed mowers are within 2,6m wide for transport.