Netting machineSodWrap

Sod net ® is a special netting configuration designed to help grass seedlings germinate and grow in a uniformly strong structure. The roots intertwine with the durable mesh and prevent separation from the soil when rolled. The netting allows turf producers to harvest a crop in half the time, providing the oportunity for a second planting during their season. The new developed Oxi Net ® is programmed to degrade quickly below the ground when no longer needed. Sod net ® is available in a working width of 5.26 m

A special field net installer is available to reduce the labour during installation of the netting. See video below

Sod wrap ® is an exceptional netting configuration designed to wrapping large turf of rolls. It ensures protection against weather conditions and helps reduce turf loss during harvest, transportation and installation
Sod wrap is available for rolls of 60 cm and 1.20 m wide