Afbeelding1The Turf Tick detachable turf harvester has a real floating head design, where the cutting head pivots independently from the conveyor. Entirely “see through” open design with low weight centerpoint. Counterbalanced cutting blade drive for low noise and low vibration. Sharp edges and equal thickness. Electrical depth control standard. Extreme long life roller bearings and bushings in all moving parts, all parts are metric.

The unique rollup system cooperates with sideways separated conveyor belts. The turf cannot pass under the rollup starter tray without being rolled. This patented system will not be found on other harvesters. Tractor independend concept.The Turf Tick fits to any regular tractor brand and model and can be connected and disconnected from a tractor in just a few minutes. The machine fits to both 2- and 4-wheel drive tractors.

The Turf Tick can be supplied with many optional features such as: auto steer/ front brush with hydraulically speed control /coulter discs with reversable blade / hydraulic forklift in cart / synthetic roof /cross conveyor. For more information download PDF below

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